Consumer Law & Class Actions

Consumer Law & Class Actions

One voice can influence companywide and industrywide change.

At the Fata Law Firm in Myrtle Beach, we help individual employees and consumers throughout South Carolina stop fraudulent or unlawful practices.

Preventing Injury and Effecting Change Industrywide

Many people experience injustices that, as single claims, are not large enough to bring in court. However, when these infractions are compounded across a workplace or industry, what was once a small claim can become a significant piece of consumer law litigation.

For over 20 years, attorney Nate Fata has served as class counsel in many class-action lawsuits. By aggregating individual claims into a single suit, Mr. Fata is able to reduce time and cost, and enable classes of people to deter industry wrongdoing and recover damages for their injuries.

By representing a class of similarly situated individuals, you can enact companywide and industrywide change. We can help.

Protecting Consumer Rights

At the Fata Law Firm, we help consumers prevent injustice and recover compensation for breach of warranty, fraud and defective products. Whether as the representative of a class-action lawsuit or as an individual plaintiff, lawyer Nate Fata has the knowledge and experience to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our firm has successfully helped consumers with a variety of product and service issues, including:

Auto Fraud

It is illegal for car dealers to engage in deceptive practices such as altering a vehicle's mileage or age, not disclosing prior salvage history or promoting unconscionable agreements.

Ponzi Scheme

We help clients who have been swindled by illegal investment schemes get the compensation they deserve.

Breach of Warranty

Merchants and manufacturers must live up to both express and implied warranties. If you purchased a defective product and your warranty is being ignored, you have legal recourse you can pursue.

Overcharge Matters

You should not be overcharged for products or services. We can help you get the reimbursements you deserve.

Foreclosure Defense

We investigate our clients' financial circumstances and develop strategic legal plans that allow clients to fight for their homes while in foreclosure.

Our Cases

Below are some of the successful cases with which Nate Fata has been designated as Class Counsel. For more information on representation in a consumer or class action matter, we welcome you to contact us.

  • In Re: Heilig Meyers Master Trust Consumer Account Class Litigation, 4:01-4032-25; $19 Million nationwide settlement class of more than 960,000 consumers whose accounts were mishandled by the Heilig Meyers Master Trust.
  • Bone v. AT&T, C.A. No. 4:96-3527-12; $44 Million nationwide settlement class of residential consumers of independent local exchange carriers who were solicited and switched to AT&T for optional long distance calling plans that were not available through independent local exchange carriers.
  • Gregory v. TranSouth, Case No. 98-CP-26-1581; statewide settlement class of consumers who were charged collateral protection insurance with excessive coverages.
  • Hammond v. Horry County School District; Case No. 97-CP-26-2563; settlement class of local residents subjected to drainage/flood problems.
  • Angus v. City of Myrtle Beach, Case No. 99-CP-26-4559; the case was tried to verdict and appealed. The South Carolina Supreme Court reversed the trial court, ultimately resulting in a $2.7 Million settlement to the taxpayer class who were overtaxed in 1999-2000.
  • Moyd v. Insteel Wire Products, Inc., Case No. 04-CP-22-997; settlement class redressing Insteel’s failure to pay accrued vacation time to its employees.
  • Carolyn Kendall v. The Relationship Company, Case No. 05-CP-21-2038; statewide settlement class providing contract benefits to class.
  • Edwards v. SunCom, Case No. 02-CP-26-3539; statewide settlement class providing cash refunds to more than 6,000 South Carolinians in connection with early termination fees.
  • Ferrell v. Horry Electric, Case No. 11-CP-26-1266; contested class certification and ultimately a settlement class of more than 1000 Horry County homeowners. $6 Million settlement fund established for the homeowners.

Any results Nate Fata or the Fata Law Firm may have achieved on behalf of clients in other matters does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

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